Roche cobas Liat NATtrol

Posted by Nicole

Expertly designed to optimize size, speed, and ease of use, this compact PCR solution delivers the premium performance you expect from the leader in molecular diagnostics and is ideal for use in point-of-care and satellite locations.

The innovative Cobas Liat System brings accurate and reliable PCR results right to the point of care (POC), ensuring patients and clinicians get the answers they need in 20 minutes or less supporting triage and patient management in emergency rooms, urgent care centers, hospitals, physician clinics, pharmacy clinics, and satellite locations.

The Cobas Liat System coordinates connectivity and performance with both LIS and POCT1-A supported protocols. Communicate results and integrate all point-of-care testing devices with a central data management system.

  • Centralize control and management over all operators
  • Apply approved QC test lot validations to all connected devices remotely
  • Easily configure and monitor the status of all devices from a single access point

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